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Then Read on to Discover How This Controversial Collection of Long Forgotten Scriptures Almost Got a Mormon of 15 years Banned!

LDS Church Temple Mormon Scriptures

“Discover The Shocking Truth About Mormonism”

“For the First Time in History These Rare Books
Have Been allowed in Public Hands... And it's Not
Hard to See Why Many Want to Keep them Quiet!”

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Read on to discover...

Joseph Smith's first original vision and its myths
The church's hidden dark history and its true nature
The secret mormon temple rituals never revealed in public before
Was Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God?
Is mormon church a freemason's affiliate?
The secret of granite mountain and the truth behind Joseph's magic eye glasses
Was Mormonism Derived From Christianity?
And many many more...

Even if you only "scan" these documents once, your perception will be changed forever! This is really powerful stuff...

"Discover What Over 99% of Mormons
will Die Never Knowing!"

Here's the scenario. As a religious Scholar and a church of jesus christ latter day saints Mormon for over 15 years I've watched the organisation grow bigger and bigger, and it's become more and more apparent...

That alot of the things being taught today isn't real Mormonism!

There are a stack of misconceptions... myths... and flat-out lies being spread – and that's why alot of what you're about to discover (backed by evidence) will completely change how you think!

  How accurate is the Book of Mormon compared to the Bible?
  Is what is being spoken in our churches the same message as in the holy texts?
  Are we ignorant to what the Book of Mormon really means?
How can we prove that Jesus existed?

All of those were questions I asked myself. After being a researcher for close to 15 years. .. I still hadn't found anything.

But then I stumbled upon the mother load...

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mormon latter day

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